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Adjusting Your US Status from K-1 Visa to Green Card

By Sierra August 21, 2022 4 min. read

Thousands of couples in long-distance relationships abroad are taking advantage of the K-1 visa process to reunite with their significant other and live with them in the United States. This opportunity is HUGE for many individuals and following the steps correctly is vital to your success. Once you’ve been granted a K-1 visa, the process doesn’t stop there and you will later need to adjust your status to a marriage-based green card. Here I’ve broken down the K-1 visa to Green Card process in 4 steps so you are more than prepared!

What is a K-1 Visa?

The K-1 visa, also known as the US Fiancé(e) visa, allows a United States citizen to sponsor his/her fiancé(e) to come to the US in order to get married. This option applies to a relationship in which one partner is living abroad and the couple is engaged to be married. If you are a US citizen interested in bringing your foreign partner to the United States in order to get married, you will need to file a Form I-129. This is the first step to obtaining a K-1 nonimmigrant visa!

K-1 Visa Interview

If you have been approved through the application portion of this visa process, you will be asked to attend a K-1 Visa immigration interview. The applicant will be notified about the interview date, time, and location and what supporting documents to bring. The notification is usually sent within 30 days of the application’s approval, while the interview will generally take place four to six weeks after the embassy or consulate’s initial notice. In this interview, the couple will be asked questions about themselves, their relationship with their fiance, and their intentions in the United States. Your goal will be to prove to the immigration officer that you are coming with true intent to live and reunite with the love of your life!

K-1 Visa Period of Stay

When granted a K-1 visa, you will be granted this status for 90 days before you MUST marry your fiance. This is something that you’ve agreed to already within the K-1 visa application process and marrying within 90 days is mandatory.

Can I Extend My K-1 Visa?

There is no way to extend your K-1 visa status because you MUST be married within 90 days followed by adjusting your status. Failure to marry within 90 days once you’ve arrived in the United States, your partner and their dependents (if any) will need to depart. Those who do not depart before their status expires may face deportation which could affect their future eligibility for US immigration benefits.

K-1 Visa to Green Card Process

Step 1: Petition for Fiance(e)

First, you will need to file a Form I-129 to petition for your fiance(e). The USCIS will then assess your forms and supporting documents coming to a decision. If approved, your application is sent to the DOS National Visa Center (NVC).

Step 2: K-1 Visa Interview

The NVC will then forward the approved Form I-129F to the US Embassy or consulate where your fiancé(e) will apply for a K-1 visa. From there your immigration interview will be scheduled and your fiance will need to attend which is usually in their home country!

Step 3: Port of Entry and Marriage

If the DOS issues the K-1 visa, your fiancé(e) can then travel to the United States and seeks admission at a US port of entry while the K-1 visa is valid. The USCIS points out that having a visa does not automatically guarantee admission to the United States as a CBP officer at the port of entry will make the ultimate decision. If granted entry, you and your fiancé(e) have 90 days to marry each other!

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Step 4: Adjustment of Status

If you marry within 90 days, your fiancé(e) becomes your spouse and can now apply for a marriage-based Green Card by filing Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence, or Adjust Status. The USCIS will review and may request additional evidence or information. You and your spouse will usually be required to appear for a Green Card interview!

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Pherry AshMalt Avatar

Pherry AshMalt

I won’t go into detail for privacy, but I was in a very bad situation where almost no lawyer would work with me or even provide me with legal counsel on my case. I was terrified of being removed from the country, but with the help of the professionals at VisaPlace, they were able to help me and I was allowed to stay. The relief I feel is immense. Thank you to the amazing team.

Walter J. Avatar

Walter J.

I was frustrated after talking to several different immigration firms. Many just didn’t seem honest or upfront. However, a friend recommended VisaPlace to me, and I am glad they did. I worked with a lady and she was very knowledgeable and explained the process to me. She was so essential for the immigration process. I would definitely go back to her if i needed any further support.

Marco Tame Avatar

Marco Tame

I’d like to be clear that I’m somewhat of a skeptic, especially when it comes to investing time and money into a new venture. I’m originally from the UK but I made the decision to migrate to Canada after meeting my girlfriend online six months ago. I know the process is going to take time, but I wanted legal counsel to make sure I approach the process in the most efficient way possible – I HATE wasting time. My consultation over the phone was informative and eased some of my initial concerns about potential hiccups. The lawyer I worked with was good about getting back to me, although occasionally she couldn’t be reached due to being in court – that was fine, she typically followed up relatively quickly. I’m now well within the process of immigrating and I have appreciated having the legal support.

Michael Her Avatar

Michael Her

It was pretty easy to make an appointment with visaplace. I have seen some people complain about the pricing, which is odd because in comparison to other firms, their rates are relatively fair. They were also honest and upfront with the complexities of my case and gave me the option to decide whether or not I wanted to move forward. I did end up moving forward and things have been going according to what we discussed. I am relieved to know there are honest professionals out there who won’t over-promise you things they can’t deliver.

Morgan Whitaker Avatar

Morgan Whitaker

I had a bad experience with a previous firm so I was hesitant to reach out to another to get my wife into the country. But, I needed guidance. After a consultation with VisaPlace, I was put at ease. The process was smooth and they were usually quick to respond. If they couldn’t respond to me that day, they always followed up with me, which I appreciate.

Joan Whittington Avatar

Joan Whittington

UPDATE: I am choosing to update and not remove my original post so others will see that they do seem to care about the success of their clients cases.
After posting my initial review I was contacted by a senior consultant that took ownership of the lack of progress on my case on their end. I am updating because they are trying to make a difference and I have now been assigned a team that contacted me in one business day and gave me all of the paperwork I need to get started on for processing. At this point I am very satisfied and am hopeful my case gets resolved in a timely fashion and in a professional manner.

Initial Post: I had an appointment 2+ weeks ago and spoke with someone that was supposed to send a follow up email but have yet to hear back from her. She wanted to get my credit card info for payment but I had to wait for it to clear another payment. They are very irresponsible and not professional. Would not recommend.

Gregory Larocque Avatar

Gregory Larocque

I had a fantastic experience with Brenda! I was very anxious about my status for an upcoming trip to the U.S and Brenda managed to really ease my nerves. She gave exceptional customer service and she made my day. I truly had an incredible experience. I would recommend Brenda to anyone and everyone!