New Ukraine to Canada program announced: Learn about the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET), the new temporary Canadian visa option for Ukrainians. Live, Work, and Study in Canada for Ukrainians under the CUAET!Learn More
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Canada Flag Icon Canada Airport Delay

Canada Airport Delays: What to Expect

By Ella BergquistMay 27, 2022

Compared to past travels, your airport experience will be unique. The COVID-19 travel restrictions have been removed, and Toronto Pearson, Canada’s main airport, has witnessed a substantial rise in passengers. More people are coming through Pearson as Canada’s main airport than at any other point during the epidemic, and many of the government’s health screening […]

Maple leaf from the flag of Canada Express Entry 223 May 25, 2022 Total Invitations Issued: 589 Lowest Qualifying Score: 741

Express Entry Draw May 25, 2022 #223 – Latest CRS Score

By Ella BergquistMay 25, 2022
Permanent ResidencyExpress Entry Draws

Canada Express Entry Draw May 25, 2022 #223 The latest Express Entry Draw took place on May 25th, 2022, which was the 223rd Express Entry Draw. This draw was targeted towards the Provincial Nominee Program candidates only. The draw offered 589 ITA to those with a cut-off score of 741. This is the second Express Entry […]

Canada Flag Icon prepare for cec and fsw express entry

How to Prepare for the Next CEC and FSW Draw in July 2022

By Ella BergquistMay 6, 2022
Permanent ResidencyExpress Entry Draws

In early July 2022, Express Entry drawings for Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canadian Experience Class candidates will restart. On April 22, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made the announcement. With drawings commencing in July, IRCC should have 14 draws by the end of the year if they stick to their current schedule of one […]

Canada Flag Icon CEC Express Entry Draws Resume July

The Next CEC Draw and FSWP Draw in July 2022

By Ella BergquistApril 24, 2022
Permanent ResidencyExpress Entry Draws

We’ve all been waiting months for a CEC and FSWP draw – and Canada has finally given answers on when they will resume all Express Entry draws. In July, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will resume its federal economic immigration programs and extend foreign students’ expired work permits while their permanent residency applications are […]

USA Flag Icon choosing an immigration lawyer

How to Pick the Right Immigration Lawyer

By Ella BergquistApril 5, 2022

If you’re looking to immigrate to a new country, hiring an immigration lawyer can be one of your first decisions. There are several important considerations to take into account when choosing an immigration lawyer. You may be eager to seek assistance right away, but not all immigration attorneys are what they claim to be. It’s […]

Canada Flag Icon cuaet ukraine to canada

Canada’s New Immigration Opportunity for Ukrainians

By Ella BergquistMarch 23, 2022

At the announcement of the invasion of Ukraine, the Canadian government immediately made efforts to help Ukrainians flee the war. The world has been impressed by Ukrainians’ tenacity and fortitude, and Canada remains unshakable in its commitment to supporting Ukraine as it battles for its independence and the democratic principles that our two countries share. […]

USA Flag Icon New EB-5 Update

EB-5 Investor Visa Regional Center Program is Back

By Ella BergquistMarch 16, 2022
Work in the USInvestor Visa

The Senate approved a reauthorization of the EB-5 Regional Center Program – the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (“Integrity Act”) – on March 10, 2022, as part of the FY 2022 Consolidated Appropriations Bill. The same bill had been passed by the House the night before. Last June 30, 2021, the EB-5 Regional […]

Canada Flag Icon ICT to PR

Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) to Canada PR Pathway

By Ella BergquistMarch 16, 2022
Permanent Residency

Although the ICT Program is a temporary visa, many people use it as a pathway to becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident. In some aspects, the ICT transferee’s procedure of becoming a permanent resident (PR) is comparable to that of overseas students who come to Canada to study and later gain their permanent status through Express […]

Canada Flag Icon ICT Start-Up Program

ICT Canada for Start-Up Business

By Ella BergquistMarch 16, 2022
Business Visa

The Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) program may be for you if you own and/or work in a foreign firm and want to establish a presence in Canada. The ICT Start-Up option was developed to attract significant individuals to Canada who would help a foreign firm establish a Canadian branch, subsidiary, or affiliate. The ICT Start-Up program […]

Canada Flag Icon Immigrate to Canada

South Korea to Canada

By Ella BergquistMarch 14, 2022

Home / Canadian Immigration / Country Immigration to Canada / South Korea to Canada Immigrating from South Korea to Canada Call: 1.866.449.5904Online Assessment Learn the various pathways of immigration to Canada, including family-sponsorship and employment from South Korea. Read More About: Canadian Immigration Resources Immigration to Canada by Country Settle in Canada Success Stories Canadian […]

USA Flag IconUkraine to the US Refugee

Ukraine Relief from the United States

By Ella BergquistMarch 7, 2022

Under a sort of humanitarian aid, the Department of Homeland Security will enable Ukrainians in the United States to remain in the nation. People who would face extreme hardship if forced to return to homelands devastated by armed conflict or natural disasters are eligible for the relief, which is known as Temporary Protected Status. However, […]

Canada Flag Icon Express Entry CEC Draws Normal

When Will Express Entry Go Back to Normal?

By Ella BergquistApril 27, 2022
Permanent ResidencyExpress Entry Draws

Update: CEC and FSW draws will return July 2022. It has been a tough year for those applying for Express Entry since CEC draws have come to a complete halt. Many applicants are wondering when CEC draws will return! Canada employers are hurting with the lack of Express Entry invites as the labour shortage continues. […]

USA Flag Icon Immigrate to USA

Ukraine to the US

By Ella BergquistFebruary 28, 2022

Home / US Immigration Lawyer: How to Immigrate to the US / Country Immigration to US / Ukraine to the US Moving from Ukraine to the United States Call: 1.866.449.5904Online Assessment Learn the various pathways of immigration to the United States, including family sponsorship and employment from Ukraine. Read More About: US Immigration Resources Country […]

Canada Flag Icon Ukraine to Canada Refugee

How Ukraine Refugees Can Come to Canada

By Ella BergquistMarch 22, 2022

Canada has been keeping a close eye on the situation in Ukraine and continues to stand firm in its support for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The IRCC is making further efforts to assist Ukrainians and persons residing in Ukraine, as well as to make it simpler and faster for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, […]

Canada Flag Icon Canada Visa Application Stuck

Avoid Having Your Canadian Immigration Application Stuck

By Ella BergquistApril 12, 2022

Dozens, maybe even thousands, of foreign-born applicants have found that their application for a Canada visa has been paused without any communication. Many immigrants apply without the help of an immigration lawyer which leaves their case completely at the hands of an IRCC immigration officer. Without the help of an immigration lawyer communication and transparency […]

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