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How to Immigrate to Canada from Dubai, UAE

By Sam Moser October 16, 2012 (Updated January 6, 2021) 9 min. read

Many people hope to move from UAE to Canada one day, and for good reasons. Canada is one of the most prosperous and peaceful countries in the world. It also offers attractive work opportunities for both nationals and foreigners alike. However, migrating from Dubai to Canada is not simple, so you may need the help of an immigration lawyer who can guide you through this complicated process.

Immigration Options for UAE Citizens

Canadian Embassies located in UAE

Skilled Workers and Professionals

Express Entry: Canadian Immigration Program that allows immigrants to live and work in Canada as a skilled worker through Express Entry. The new system will allow Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to pro-actively assess, recruit and select immigrants who are skilled and/or possessed the relevant qualifications under federal economic immigration programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Express Entry program will also allow individual provinces and territories to use the system in order to recruit suitable candidates as part of the Provincial Nominee Programs so that labour market demands are met.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program

Foreign workers who want to settle as permanent residents in the Canadian province of Quebec may be eligible for immigration to Quebec through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a points-based initiative, operated separately from the government of Canada’s own programs for skilled workers. Successful applicants may bring accompanying family members to Quebec, and a job offer is not required.

Provincial Nominee Program

Applicants for Canadian work visas under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) enjoy a speedy visa application process. Intending immigrants under PNP should have the necessary skills, proper education, sufficient work experience, and a passing language examination result for semi or low-skilled trades or professions.

To qualify under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), a Canadian province or territory must nominate an applicant. Many Canadian provinces have an arrangement with the national Government of Canada in order to carry out their prerogative of nominating immigrant workers who would like to establish themselves in their respective province.

Family Sponsorship

Immigration to Canada from Dubai might also be possible through the Canadian Family Sponsorship Program. To qualify, you must already have family – an adult child or grandchild – who are either citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

Your relative must first express an interest in becoming a sponsor. IRCC receives expressions  of interest for only a specific time each year. The intended sponsor must wait until the following year if the deadline passes. IRCC invites the selected people to apply to be sponsors. If your relative is approved and applies, your eligibility for permanent residency will then be assessed. There is a financial commitment for your sponsor. He or she is financially responsible for you while you get settled in Canada.

How to Start the Process of Immigration from UAE to Canada

The first step is to determine whether you want to work in Canada or you want to live there permanently. You can always directly apply for a permanent resident visa, which when granted gives you permanent resident status, or you can apply for a work visa first and work on getting a residency visa once you are in Canada.

A residency visa is open to certain applicants only, such as those who have at least 1 year of continuous paid full time work or those who have earned a Ph.D. in Canada or have studied towards a Ph.D in the country in a recognized institution. Applicants must also pass language proficiency tests in English or French.

Entering Canada using a work visa is definitely easier since you have the support of a Canadian employer. The good thing about using a work visa to enter Canada from Dubai is that you have a job waiting for you once you arrive, which means that you are pretty much set money wise once you land.

For those who want to move to Canada and work towards a residency card in Canada using a work visa they need to qualify for Arranged Employment which requires a Labor Market Opinion and a full-time, permanent job offer from a certified employer. Moving from Dubai to Canada as a skilled worker will increase your odds of success.

Living in Canada


Canada is an immense country that is extremely varied in its people, landscape, climate, because of this, the Canadian way of life can also vary greatly from one individual to the next. However, Canadians do share important values such as pride, a belief in equality and diversity, and respect for all individuals. It is these values that make Canada a friendly, peace-loving, and secure place in which to live. Canadians practice many different religions, and over 20 percent claim no religious affiliation.

Canada is made up of ten provinces and three territories. The provinces are, from west to east: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. The territories are the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, Canada’s newest territory.

Despite the impressive size of the country, the majority of Canada’s population lives in a concentrated area of cities and towns within 100 kilometers of the US border. The population density in Canada is one of the lowest in the world, at 3.9 persons per square kilometer.

As of 2017, the largest cities in Canada are:


Dubai is not very well known as an ideal education destination, whereas Canada has always been known for its excellent universities and colleges which offer world class educational facilities that have been attracting many students for numerous years. Canadian universities and colleges have a long list of courses to offer its international students. Canada has always been a safe, secure and peaceful country for students to pursue an education in this nation. The best part is after completion of education Canadian Immigration is also offering Canadian PR so that foreign students can do work and settle down in the country.


Most of the skilled workers always look forward to migrating to this country on Canada Work Visa. This country has always been known as the land of opportunities, and that is the reason it offers plenty of job prospects to overseas skilled employees all around its provinces.  Due to a shortage of skills in this country, Canadian companies have always been looking to fill up the vacant occupations with its overseas skilled workers. The employment sector which has always been in demand for job seekers are IT, healthcare and construction sector etc. Immigrants can also avail Canadian Citizenship in almost three years of migration into this nation along with the status of PR.


Canada, as a Western nation, has no particular rules or public conservatism over dress codes however public nudity is not expected, even on beaches (should  the weather allow) and casual clothing is fine for most occasions. This is significantly different from what is allowed with the dress codes in Dubai where they are known to dress more modest and cover more areas of their bodies. Formal functions in Canada will require smart dress but otherwise you should dress according to the prevailing weather conditions. That said, if you are situated in the north of the country or expecting to endure a harsh weather then it is worth investing in quality thermal clothing and a decent winter coat.

Getting Around

The public transport system in Canada consists of trains, ferries, buses and three rapid transport systems in the major cities; the Toronto Subway, Montreal Metro and Vancouver SkyTrain.

The rail network is underutilized with most usage across the extensive network being put to commercial usage rather than intercity passenger travel. Trains do run between cities but are slower and as expensive as using buses or cars. Commuter networks are used in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto with the latter also having a streetcar system. Light railways exist in Alberta, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary which does ease traffic in the cities. There are a good many bus operators with Greyhound offering the most extensive service across Canada as well as into the USA. Fares are very reasonable and you can save 50-70% on air fare by travelling via bus. The 4,400 km journey between Toronto and Vancouver would cost £350 by air and take around 5 hours whereas a bus ticket would cost around £160 yet take 65-70 hours to complete. For this you would need to factor in a few nights at motels; for some the experience of travelling across country is worth the extra time involved.

Driving in Canada

Canadian drivers have a reputation for being pushy and erratic; speeding and tailgating are common as well as signalling as they make a maneuvre and not before. The road network extends to Alaska in the north and connects the USA in the south. The conditions and maintenance standards are good. In Dubai it is common for people to only turn their headlights on if they can’t see the road in front of them, which can be very dangerous.

Cost of Living

Food in Canada’s most populated city, Toronto, is about 15% cheaper than food in Dubai. In Toronto, bread for about 2 people for the day is about whereas in Dubai it’s around $7. Housing in Toronto is also cheaper compared to housing in Dubai. The monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 Sqft) furnished accommodation in a normal priced area in Dubai is usually around 6,072 dirham while in Toronto it is only about 5,629 dirham.

How a Good Lawyer Can Help Aspiring Immigrants

All the legal requirements needed for processing for Canadian immigration requires the skill and experience that only a Canadian immigration lawyer has, especially since Canada’s immigration laws have become more complicated over the years.

Canada has over 60 different immigration programs that applicants may qualify under. A lawyer can help match you with the program that is most suitable for you.

Your lawyer can help you put together all the required documents so that you can avoid having your application denied due to incomplete or improperly filled documents and forms. It is important to follow your lawyer’s advice when it comes to filling up important points. The lawyer can also help prepare you for interviews so that you can come in prepared and confident knowing that you can anticipate the questions the examiner is likely to ask.

Although you can always process your application on your own, having a Canadian immigration lawyer help you with Dubai to Canada migration will increase your chances of perfecting your application and having it approved in a shorter amount of time.

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