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Margaret Hill


Date of Consultation

May 2016



7 Months


Type of Visa

I-192 waiver

Success Story

How VisaPlace helped to make it happen:​


A Jamaican citizen, Margaret Hill, came to Canada in November 2016 to visit her husband, Anthony Peterson. Margaret had not seen her husband since he had moved to Canada in 2015 for an engineering position. Anthony is also Jamaican and a permanent resident of Canada. He received his permanent residency status through the engineering company that sponsored him.

Immigration Situation

During Margaret’s visit to Canada, she decided that she wanted to stay in the country permanently. She was happy to be with her husband again and did not want to face another long period of being apart. Margaret’s visitor visa only allowed her to stay in Canada for a maximum of six months. It also did not permit her to legally work in Canada. But seeing how well Anthony had settled into his Canadian life, Margaret had developed a love for the country. She envisioned having a family, have a career, and building a new life in Canada. She had experience as a Hospital Technician back in Jamaica and was interested in finding employment in the healthcare industry. She did not want to have to go back to Jamaica and go through a potentially long and complicated process of applying for immigration to Canada. A process that could possibly result in more time spent away from her husband.


Anthony sponsored Margaret for an Inland Spousal Sponsorship, as well as an Open Work Permit. We assisted Anthony and Margaret in the Spousal sponsorship and open work permit process, collecting all of the documentation required and made sure it was accurate and complete. The application was submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada in April 2017.


Our office received Margaret’s approved open work permit for Canada in June of 2017, just two months after the application was sent! Margaret and Anthony were delighted that the proceeding went as quickly and smoothly as it did. Since most open work permits take at least 8 to 12 months to be processed. When we notified Anthony that his wife was allowed to work full-time in Canada, he said, “Great! Now my wife can help me pay the bills!”

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