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Move from Chile to The United States

Learn the various pathways of immigration to The United States from Chile, including family-sponsorship and employment.

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Interested in Immigrating to the US from Chile?

Chilean Americans refer to those who are Americans that have full or partial origin from Chile. This can mean both those who are native to the US and those who immigrated from Chile to America. There are many Chilean Americans in the US, over 170,000 people! 

Immigration from Chile to America rose during the 1960s. Chileans began to immigrate to the US for more economic or academic opportunities.

Although 170,000 Chilean Americans may sound like a lot it is actually the fourth smallest Hispanic group from South America. Many of Chilean Americans want to come together groups of those who have similar backgrounds. There are many resources, organizations, assocations, etc that help Chileans adjust to the new culture in America all while keepign their culture alive.

Chile to US

Chilean American Community in the US

There are Chilean Americans throughout all of the United States but there are some hot spots where more of them live together. 

There are regiosn with significant populations of Chilean Americans such as: New York Metropolitian Area, South Florida, Los Angeles County, San Francisco Bay Area, and the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitian Area. 

Immigration Process

Today, the majority of migrants from Chile who obtain lawful permanent residence do so through family sponsorship or as immediate relatives of US citizens. Aside from family-based preferences, immigrants may also get a Green Card through employment.

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